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Energy Systems Assessments

Starting from the general operating concept, a set of indicators is defined reflecting specific criteria for the energy system evaluation. Particular attention is devoted to the resource, environment, installation and level of consumption. Among these groups of criteria there are individual indicators emphasizing respective aspect of the sustainability concept. The standard approach has its limitation due to the lack of data for serious consideration of the system. This is the place where we start using our Finite Elements model building that will provide us with the best level of accurateness for the predictive consumption and for revealing the weak elements of the existing system.

We use the tools: SANKEY, MINDMAP, FE-BIZ and ISO50001


ISO 50001

The main objective of the standard is to improve energy-related performance and energy efficiency continuously and to identify energy reduction opportunities. This systematic approach will help organizations to establish systems and processes.

Consistent energy management helps organizations to realize untapped energy efficiency potential. They will benefit from cost savings and make a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection, for example by the permanent reduction of CO2 emissions. The standard should alert employees and in particular the management level to the immediate and long-term energy management gains that can be made. The organization can discover potential savings and competitive advantages. Furthermore, a huge image boost for the organization can be created. (see Wikipedia definition)

We help you implementing the full ISO 50001 system in your organization

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