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Realized by BIZ-Consultant

PROJECT //  01 - started March 2019

Engineering, Design and Construction of a Plastic Recycling Plant in Asia

Starting with the engineering of the plant design by considering 3 specific production lines, BIZ-Consultant as Project Manager and Engineering partner is responsible for producing the layout of the factory with its detailed components and collecting proposals from equipment builders in Europe and Asia.

Actual tentative plan:

Selection of suppliers is planned before end 2019

Financing: end of  Q1-2020

Contracts planned for Q2-2020

Start of installation: Q4-2020

Ready for operations: Q1-2021

PROJECT //  02 - planned for October 2019

Conference about Plastics Recycling Opportunities in Morocco

Conference location: Casablanca


- Actual situation of waste plastics collection and recycling in Morocco

- From PET to Fiber and Polyester Wadding products

- Profitability of Plastic Recycling

- Investment opportunities

- Environmental and Climate Change Protection

The conference will be organized by AOB Group from Casablanca

All details will be provided by the end of September 2019



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