This book is written for readers looking for easy understanding about Blockchain and how to use it in other than contracting and ledger applications.Practical examples should provide the reader a clear view of a sometimes more perceived complex subject.At the beginning, the book explains the concept of Blockchain, where Blockchain is already used today and then demonstrates a first example for using Blockchain in a project management case, related to the European EASME program. In a next step the author explains how to use Blockchain in an electric grid balancing concept by modifying and securing the protocol over internal hashing.Next examples explain how to use the energy model canvas for integrating Blockchain and finally how to integrate the Fuzzy Logic concept in a Blockchain application.Because of its interdisciplinarity and its easily kept explanatory texts, this book should be used as a key introduction into and a reference book for Blockchain and Fuzzy Logic related subjects for energy policymakers, undergraduate and graduate studies, engineers, as well as casual readers.

Blockchain-Energy-Project Management: The Art of using Blockchain for Energy and

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