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African Development Bank ( Afd ) seeks young talents

I am reaching out to you about an exciting opportunity at the African Development Bank. My DEVEX team is assisting them in their search for their Young Professional Programme 2020 to be based in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire or in any other location in Africa as determined by the bank. Based on the background outlined on your Devex profile, I am reaching out to ask if you know anyone in your networks who may be interested in this role.

To give a brief overview, the Young Professional Programme, or YPP, is a three-year leadership opportunity for the development of the Bank’s future leaders and is structured under the Young Professionals Learning Academy. AfDB aims to attract highly qualified and motivated professionals for a productive and rewarding career path in development especially from underrepresented countries such as Kuwait, Finland, Denmark, Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Luxembourg, Seychelles, Eritrea, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia. Through the YPP, the Bank ensures continuity and excellence in both the management of its work programs and the provision of policy advice to its regional member countries.

The specific disciplines and specialist professional areas that are aligned with their Ten-Year Strategy (TYS) and gender strategy are the following five high priorities (Hi-5s) of the Bank’s operations: Light Up and Power AfricaFeed AfricaIntegrate AfricaIndustrialize AfricaImprove the lives of the people of Africa In addition, AFDB is also looking for high potential candidates for the bank's support functions, including: LegalCorporate ITFinanceRisk and AuditEthics and GovernanceProcurement/Supply Chain/LogisticsMedical/HealthFacilities & MaintenanceDiplomacy/ProtocolStrategy/Performance/Project ManagementHuman ResourcesLanguage ServicesCommunications/Journalism The Young Professional Program targets motivated and talented individuals from AFDB member countries. Applicants must meet the following conditions:

Be a citizen of a member country of the Bank: 32 years of age or younger by May 2020.Possess a Master’s degree or equivalent in any discipline that is relevant to the business of the Bank, with outstanding academic credentials.Have at least 3 years post graduate work experience in the areas related to the high priority areas (Hi-5s) OR support functions as mentioned above.

In case of interest and being citizen of Kuwait, Finland, Denmark, Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Luxembourg, Seychelles, Eritrea, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia, please contact me at


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