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Energy Systems Assessments


Starting from the general operating concept, a set of indicators is defined reflecting specific criteria for the energy system evaluation. Particular attention is devoted to the resource, environment, installation and level of consumption. Among these groups of criteria there are individual indicators emphasizing respective aspect of the sustainability concept. The standard approach has its limitation due to the lack of data for serious consideration of the system. This is the place where we start using our Finite Elements model building that will provide us with the best level of accurateness for the predictive consumption and for revealing the weak elements of the existing system.

We use the tools: SANKEY, MINDMAP, FE-BIZ and ISO50001

ISO 50001


ISO 50001 is an Energy Management System that efficiently helps organizations save money as well as helping to conserve resources and tackle climate change. ISO 50001 supports organizations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently, through the development of an energy management system (EnMS).

We at BIZ-Consultant sarl assist you in the implementation from A to Z and to help you choosing the right Energy Management software tools for permanently monitoring your energy use as well managing maintenance tasks and permanently improving your processes by using the structured EnMS system in a continuous quality management  improving process.

Our Concept



Listening to our client explaining his issue as well as his expectations and objectives. After collecting the first elements from the client we continue collecting our own data and building our own picture


Working out a first change model to be mutually adjusted and validated. The model always includes a minimum of Cost Benefit Analysis. In case of Energy Efficiency, detailed engineering calculations will be provided prior to decide about an action or a measure.


If equipment, installation and other costs from third party suppliers need to be collected then our task will include the writing of the technical specification, the RFP document, sending out the RFP to selected candidates, collecting the proposals, evaluating together with the client, organising the visits to reference sites and accompanying the client from  A-Z in the entire project.


Additional tasks as part of a project are: Resource planning, Project Management, Finance Model Development. Financing Application request preparing and training to sustainable development.


We help you staying on top of your game and keep going for your vision. We do that by regularly organising workshops in Western and Eastern Europe and of course directly on client sites.

Project Management


BIZ-Consultant sarl is assisting you in the implementation of the recommended Energy Saving Measures, by jointly working out the best way from searching potential suppliers, developing Request for Proposals, requesting proposals, analyzing proposals, shortlisting proposals, helping on negotiations with suppliers, supervising delivery terms, installation and start-up.

We always work in direct cooperation with your teams by assisting completing the tasks, but by leaving the final decision and responsibility to the customer.

The customer keeps always full control of the entire process.

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