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Georges Seil

CEO and Researcher


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Strategy Design for SME/SMI

BIZ-Consultant is using state of the art modelling tools for developing individual strategies related to Energy and corporate orientation. One of the basic tools to be used right from the beginning is the Business Model Canvas. This model serves as the entrance point for the Balanced Scorecard design. The Balanced Scorecard provides the Key Performance Indicators to be implemented on the Corporate Dashboards.

News from Rushmore University

New Programme at Rushmore University: Green Energy Development by Professor Georges Seil.
The objectives of the program are learning and applying knowledge from a series of energy generation and consumption topics extended to the understanding of how to build a sustainable circular economy and how to assess, analyze and propose energy efficiency for industrial processes and in construction. The graduate will be able to supervise, manage and evaluate an energy efficiency assessment in construction and industries by demonstrating the feasibility for the energy savings measures by Life Cycle Costs analysis and related business plans. The graduate will be able to analyze the feasibility of a waste recycling and circular economy process. Contact: info@biz-consultant.net for receiving additional information.