How we work



Listening to our client explaining his issue as well as his targets and objectives. After collecting the first elements from the client we continue collecting our own data and building our own picture.



Working out a first change model to be mutually adjusted and validated. The model always includes a minimum of a Cost Benefit Analysis. In case of Energy Efficiency, detailed engineering calculations will be provided prior to decide about an action or measure.



If equipment, installation and other costs from third party suppliers need to be collected then our task will include the writing of the technical specification, the RFP document, sending out the RFP to selected companies, collecting the proposals, evaluating the proposals together with the client, organizing the visits to reference sites and accompanying the client from A-Z in the entire project.



Additional task within a project: Resource planning, Project Management, Finance Model Development, Financing Application request preparing, searching for financing sources.

Francisco Malpica

Visual Online

Georges made it possible to work in at atmosphere of trust and human relations. He was a visionary and was always open to new initiatives for the good of the company. Towards his management, he always tried to conciliate different points of view and ponder what was better for everyone.

Roland Haber

Charles Oakes & Co.

I have worked with Georges on several projects manly in IT and know him as a reliable and professional partner. Even in difficult situations we found together solutions which could satisfy both of our companies.


A list of our clients

  • lifelong
  • bigmarket
  • shuvar
  • novellis
  • charlyoakes
  • rtgroup
  • visual_online
  • dunipack